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How Our Lead Nurturing Campaigns Drive Tangible Results

Today, organizational leaders and decision-makers have more on their plates than ever before. That's where Cold Call Me comes in. 

While digital transformation has led to newfound efficiencies, decision fatigue is a growing problem.

As a result, the questions can begin to pile up, such as…

  • Which KPIs should I be monitoring?
  • What is the best CRM?
  • How can I automate my lead funnel?
  • And beyond

Over time, these questions compound. In turn, sales and marketing can start to feel like a second job altogether. That’s where our Cold Call Pros can help, offloading your to-do list while generating the results you need to grow.


Our Agile Approach

Through our proprietary approach, we not only reach out to as many as 80 prospects per hour, but also achieve a 10% conversion rate for MQLs to your sales team. Here’s what we do differently than traditional outreach professionals.

We begin by familiarizing ourselves with your goals, setting meaningful objectives centered on conversions. From there, we develop a buyer persona, building a comprehensive understanding of your target market for our US-based Cold Call Pros.

Content comes next. We develop agile phone scripts and SMS texts personalized to your audience. From there, we build a timeline with multiple touch points, contacting leads at strategic times to achieve an up to 21X greater likelihood of qualifying leads.

Finally, we measure results with uncompromising clarity by interfacing directly with HubSpot. Every step of the way, your results are our top priority.


Discover the Difference of Our Cold Call Pros

You have meetings to attend, business strategies to develop, and budgets to oversee. By leaving outreach to our Cold Call Pros, you can free up your schedule while focusing on what matters most: growing your business.

Ready to take the next step? Schedule a complimentary demo today, and let’s put real results within reach for your business.


Thank you for reading!