Why Compliance is Essential for Cold Calling Campaigns

For forward-thinking founders, executives, and marketing leads, the right lead nurturing strategy is the make-or-break between profits and plateaus. Considering that lead nurturing yields upwards of 50% more sales-ready leads according to Forrester Research, the results speak for themselves

At the same time, not all campaigns play by the same rules, especially when it comes to email outreach and cold calling. As a result, businesses can find themselves facing costly violations. Here’s how our Cold Call Pros keep our clients in compliance while achieving a 20% contact rate and 10% conversion rate for MQLs to your sales team.

Aligning with TCPA Regulations

With an in-depth understanding of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA), our Cold Call Pros avoid calls during restricted hours while maintaining strict adherence to the National DNC Registry. Violators are subject to over $40K per illegal call, meaning that non-compliance is particularly costly.

Upholding Comprehensive Databases

By maintaining accurate records for calls and SMS messages alike, we not only transparently showcase our results, but also maintain control of the timing and specific recipients for each message.

Avoiding Auto dialer Classifications

Today, the FCC imposes heavy penalties on organizations using autodialing technology. As you search for a marketing team to handle your outreach, the wrong partnership can result in unnecessary headaches and legal ramifications. With our client’s best interests at heart, our US-based team avoids auto dialer misclassifications, ensuring your peace of mind with growth-oriented results.

Partnering with Our Cold Call Pros

If you’re ready to offload your outreach efforts to a trusted team that takes a personalized approach to lead generation, our Cold Call Pros are the name to know. Be sure to schedule a complimentary demo today to see the difference firsthand.

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